10000Dark Birch SeedSeedIngredientYou can grow a dark birch out if these seeds
10001PumpkinCommodityFruitA juicy, fat, ripe pumpkin. It makes great soup as well as a scary lamp
10002CornCommodityVegetableJuicy fresh corn - try to roast it with butter and some salt and pepper
10003Watering CanToolJust use it to water your crops
10004Basic HoeToolA basic hoe - great for breaking up the soil ready for planting
10005Basic AxeToolA sharp, sturdy basic axe - great for chopping down small trees
10006Tomato SeedsSeedIngredientTomatos to grow and eat them...
10007TomatoCommodityVegetableTomatos.. hmmm... full of juicy vitamins
10008Nuttree WoodCommodityWoodWood from the nuttree is good for starters, not bad, but not so sturdy
10009Pine ConeSeedIngredientThere can grow a pine from this
10010Nuttree Tree StumpSeedNoneStump of a Nuttree
10011Pine Tree StumpSeedThe stump of a Pine
10012Small collecting bagToolYou'll need this to harvest produce you have grown
10013Basic PickaxeToolStrong and sturdy but basic - you can break some rocks with it
10017Basic ScytheToolSharp, basic scythe for reaping - you can cut grass with it
10020WeedCommodityIngredientWeed, what is there to tell about weed?
10022Simple ChairFurniture
10023Simple TableFurniture
10024Straw BedFurnitureSimple Straw Bed to sleep on, not the baddest place to sleep
10025Corn SeedSeedIngredientGrow some Corn
10026Pumpkin SeedsSeedIngredientGrow Pumpkins
10027Nuttree SeedsSeedIngredientGrow Nuttrees out of these, you need Nuttrees for wood
10028Pinetree WoodCommodityWood