Hey there with the 1.3 Version of the MSCA i present you the NPC Editor.

With it you can create NPC-Prefabs out of the ManaSeed Character Base and all outfits you own.

Unlike the MSCA itself this editor reduces the sprites to one sprite sheet per page (only pages 1,2,3 and 4 so far) and creates a folder with prefab, animations, sheets and animController under the set „Save To Path“

NOTICE: for Preview the Source Textures of the Page 1 must be sliced with 64×64 pixel and all the source sprites must be set to read/write. Pivot Settings are not needed.

When you provide all the Information on the right side of the Editor Window (please notice that you need to pull the FOLDER into the path settings, even if there is only one npc anim controller).

You can select the sheets to use on the left side and get a preview of you npc. Give it a name and after pressing the „Create NPC“ button the editor will create the folder and all stuff in it.

The AnimController in the Prefab (i named the NPC Heidi) and the SpriteRenderer are already set to the created elements and the prefab is ready to use except that it needs programming 😉

You can watch a mini tutorial Video here